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How To Start A Ceramic Business - Seminar - Part 5

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

I see you are still with us. That proves to me you have commitment or are insane. In a way, though, it is true. To start your own business you have to be committed and self-motivated. There are a lot of brick walls and barriers that need to be scaled in order to be successful. In many ways, running your own business is a lot more work than being an employee somewhere else. There is another side to the coin however - The rewards are often unbeatable. Where else can you ‘play’ and make some money doing it.

Remember our checklist in Part 2? Let’s see how we are doing.

Create a Name – Check
Secure a web domain - Check
Make a budget - Check
Obtain a checking account - Check
Licensing, legal matters and accounting - Check
Secure a location - Check
Lay out floor plan – Check

So far, so good. We are getting there. Now, it is time to set-up the store.

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How to Start A Ceramic Business - Seminar - Part 4

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

All the Legal Stuff

Well, its about that time. You cannot go much further in planning your business venture without taking care of all the legal and foundation matters.

Yes, its those icky taxes, licensing, etc.

Now that you have your location, you need to make sure you have your business license and your tax licenses. You also need to get your insurance in place, get your accounting methods established and decide if you want to be a corporation or sole proprietor. While you are at it, make sure you have socked in your web domain name.

Which one to do first…wow, so many important things that need to be addressed.

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