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How to Cast Wax in a Plaster Mold: Article or Project

Plaster molds are used primarily to make clay items. However, they can also be used for casting wax.

The primary difference is that to use with clay, you want a dry mold; but, to cast with wax, you want a soaking wet mold.

You will need:

Casting wax
container and heat source to melt wax
plaster mold
heat resistant gloves
liquid soap
small brush
Option: Wicks if you want to make candles

More Details

Simple process.

Make sure you wear protective gloves and goggles to prevent burns from splashing

Saturate your mold in water.

Lightly brush the interior of the mold with a diluted liquid soap. Use a brush to remove any bubbles that may form.

Melt your casting wax. You can leave white or add crayons or other compatible colorants; however many may discolor your plaster mold.

If you want to make a candle from the item, insert your wick between sections of the mold with a holder at the pour gate to center it during casting.

Pour and fill mold with melted wax (not super hot). You can let the wax cool and harden completely solid and then remove from the mold; or you can let it cool to the point of creating a thick shell and then cast off the remaining liquid center. When the wax has cooled and firmed adequately, you can then remove it from the mold. Do not leave in the mold until the mold is dry or it will not release.

You can add attachments similarly to adding them on clay items. Use a brush and brush on some melted wax to both the attachment and the area to be attached and press together. You must work quickly. You can use a heat source like a propane torch or a match to melt and smooth out the attached area if need be.

When cool and firm, you can paint with acrylics and stains if you like.

Keep in mind, when working with wet molds, the repeated use will wear out the detailing faster than if you adhere to the proper use guidelines for longer lasting molds.


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How to Cast Wax in a Plaster Mold

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