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Wolf with Indian Feathers - Drybrushing Acrylics: Article or Project

Suitable bisque
Duncan OS
OS 476 Black
OS471 Medium brown
OS431 White
OS472 Walnut brown
OS544 Rainforest Green
OS541 Northern Blue
OS475 Charcoal
OS495 Fudge Brown
OS487 Olive Moss Green
OS435 Dark Yellow
OS436 Gold
Duncan Porcelain Spray
Assorted sizes of white stiff bristle brushes
Gloss brush on sealer (optional)

More Details

NOTE: When drybrushing, it is better to layer colors lightly with multiple coats to reach desired density rather than applying too heavily to begin with.

Step One: Base coat entire piece Black. Let dry thoroughly.

Step Two: Using a flat stiff bristle brush, drybrush Medium Brown across the grain of the feather on both sides (front and back) see photo for placement.

Step Three: Using the same drybrush, pick up some white and drybrush feathers against the grain of feathers – refer to picture for placement. Apply more white on the bottom sections of the feathers as seen in picture. Be sure to apply to both sides of the feathers.

Step Four: Using a round drybrush, apply Walnut Brown over entire wolf then take a paper towel and clean most of the paint out of your drybrush - do NOT wash brush out with water, you want a little of the Brown to hang in the brush.

Step Five: Using same brush (with brown in it), add some Charcoal Grey to the brush and go back over the wolf and place shades of Charcoal Gray on the wolf in various places leaving some browns and a little black showing through.

Step Six: Use a different, clean and dry drybrush and place White on the wolfs legs and tail and back and face above eyes and on muzzle sides. (Refer to photo)

Step Seven: Use Dark Brown with a touch of Gold for the eye color hard to see in picture.

Step Eight: Drybrush moon with Charcoal Gray. Wipe the brush with paper towel to clean it out and pick up a little Dark Yellow and use paper towel or coffee filter to take most of the paint from your brush, then dab/pounce the brush around the moon to leave traces of slightly yellow over the gray. Using the same brush, wipe bristles back with paper towel as much as possible then pick up just a trace of White in your brush and dab the white over the moon - heavier in some areas and lighter in others to give the effect of clouds passing by the moon.

Step Nine: Using a smaller drybrush, drybrush Dark Brown or Walnut on the feather veins.

Step Ten: Using Rainforest Green, drybrush the trees then pickup Olive Moss Green into the brush to highlight them here and there

Step Eleven: Drybrush Northern Blue on the strapping at the top of the feathers – you may need more than one coat for good contrast. Wipe out brush with towel. Then, using drybrush with very little White, drybrush across the strapping over the blue going across the strapping grain.

Step Twelve: Lightly spray your piece with Duncan Porcelain spray fix, let it dry. If desired, spray a second coat. Option: brush some gloss sealer to the eyes for added effect.

Final touch: Tie a leather strap around the top, add feathers and beads as desired and you are done.

CME would like to thank Becky Wallace of Becky’s Ceramics for sharing this project outline for others to be able to duplicate this beautiful piece. For questions and bisque contact


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Wolf with Indian Feathers - Drybrushing Acrylics

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