Drunken Birds - Alcohol Glazing: Submitted by: Laurie Bresna | Date Added: 23 May 2017 About:

Suitable bisque (plain items create best effect) - See photo top right of page

Duncan Neon Red IN 1206
Duncan Black IN1613
Duncan IN1001 (Optional)

Soft Fan brush for glazes
Soft round bristle brush #2 or #4

Rubbing Alcohol

More Details:

Wipe down bisque to remove all dust, let dry thoroughly

Apply two coats of Neon Red (or color of your choice), making sure first coat dries completely before applying second coat. Dry thoroughly.

Thin small amount of black glaze to consistency of cream. Apply to item in small sections so it is wet for the next step.

Using the round brush, apply small amount of alcohol. You can apply it in drops or enough to drip through the black creating runs for a ‘marbled’ effect. Move on to next area and repeat the process until you have black with alcohol drips over the entire piece.

NOTE: When dry, you can apply one coat of clear Envision Glaze IN1001, but it is not necessary.

CME wants to thank Lori Bresina for bringing this technique and project to our attention and for sharing the instructions so others might enjoy it.

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