Dogwood Vine Cross - Acrylics: Submitted by: Majik Merlin | Date Added: 8 Feb 2018 About:

Dogwood Cross (see photo top right)
DH Butter Cream
DH White
DH Soft Brown Antiquing
DH Rust
DH Citrus Green
DH Pink Innocence
DH Green Ivy
DH Real Brown
Glycerine - optional
Assorted white Bristle brushes
Liner/detail brush
Lint-free cloth
Matte Spray Sealer (or Gloss if that is your preference)

More Details:

Fire cross to 04 bisque

Wipe down cross with a damp sponge making sure to remove all dust in the crevices (use a stiff brush if needed).

Base-coat entire cross with Butter Cream, making sure application is smooth and brush-stroke free. You may want to apply a second coat to make sure you did not miss any spots.

When dry, antique the entire cross with Soft Brown antiquing. (Note: I pour out a puddle and add a couple drops of glycerine to slow the set-up time – this is optional, but you might want to try it) Work a small area at a time, making sure to get the antiquing in all the crevices and then wipe away as much as you can with a soft lint-free cloth. Do both back and front.

When dry, use a small brush and float Real Brown over all the branches. Work a small area at a time and blot with your soft cloth. You may want to use your liner for the tips and ends of the branches.

Dry-brush the dogwood flowers with White.

If desired, float a medium pin in the centers of each dogwood petal. Blot with your soft cloth.

Float Green Ivy on the leaves and blot with soft cloth.

Highlight leaves by dry-brushing Citrus Green on centers of one side of each leaf.

Using a detail brush, paint centers of dogwoods with Citrus Green.

Using a detail brush, tip some Rust in the notch of each dogwood petal.

When dry, spray cross with Matte Sealer unless you prefer glossy.

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