Antique Lace - glazes: Submitted by: Majik Merlin | Date Added: 11 Feb 2018 About:

Plain bisque fired to 04, smooth with no pattern
Clean-up tool or exacto knife
Lace from curtain panel or table cloth
Glaze brush
Mayco Medium Blue glaze FN041*
Mayco Big Skye Blue glaze FN034 *
Clear glaze

* You can choose any two contrasting glazes of your preference

More Details:

Make sure bisque item is clean and dust free. Wipe down with a damp sponge. Let dry.

Cut lace to a size with about 1inch spare all around the item.

With a soft glaze brush, apply one coat of medium blue glaze to the entire surface of the bisque. Let dry.

When dry, apply a second coat. While still wet, lay the lace over the surface and press lightly to imbed it into the glaze.

Let glaze dry thoroughly before going to the next step

Using the soft glaze brush, apply one coat of big Skye Blue over the entire piece. Let dry.

When dry, apply a second coat of Big Skye Blue over the entire item. Do NOT let it dry. When it loses its shine, but still wet and tacky, take a cleaning knife or other sharp object and carefully lift a corner of the lace, then peel it away from the piece.

Let the item dry completely.

With the glaze brush, apply one coat of clear glaze. Apply enough to ensure the crevices of the removed lace are filled.

Stilt and fire to cone 05-06

CME would like to thank Christine Ortmann for offering her project to be included here. You can contact Christine on facebook if you have any questions or comments. We would also like to thank Kathy Bartoli-Arnold for bringing this project to our attention.

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