Holly Tree with Pizzazz - Dry Brushing: Submitted by: Majik Merlin | Date Added: 21 Oct 2018 About:

Prepared bisque fired to cone 04-05 (Shown are Nowell’s Holly Tree and base)
Accent Green
Country Sage
Emperor’s Gold
Finger tip was gold metallic
Gare : It’s Red or similar deep red
Large white bristle dry brush
Liner or detail brush
Small brush for small area work
Make up/eye shadow sponge dobber
Pallet for color
Newsprint or paper bag
Matte Spray fixative
Brush-on high gloss sealer or clear nail polish
Plastic tree lights (shown are small clear pinlights)
Lighting kit

More Details:

Make sure whomever prepares bisque makes holes for lighting kit and small holes for pinlights (one in each leaf) not too close to the berries.

Wipe down bisque with damp sponge to remove all dust and debris. Make sure it dries completely before continuing

Base coat entire tree (not base) including berries with Accent Green. Make sure paint has been worked down into the crevices and paint is smoothed out without leaving ridges. Clean brush.

Using a large DRY white bristle brush, dry-brush Country Sage over all the leaves doing multiple layers until desired color/contrast is achieved.

Taking a make up dobber/eye-shadow applicator, rub it across the gold wax. Apply to the very edges of the leaves. Edges only.

Using a very red acrylic, paint your berries. TIP: Do NOT paint berries all the way down to the crevices, but rather create ‘balls’ in order to give a better appearance of round berries, You may want to outline the circle with a liner then fill with a larger brush. I found, in most, it took two coats to get a good red. Let dry thoroughly

Use small brush to apply high gloss brush-on sealer to the berries. Let dry thoroughly.


Apply country Sage to the base, keeping strokes smooth so as to not show ridges.

Apply Emperor’s Gold to the rim on the base

Spray tree and base with matte sealer

Insert pinlites. If you glue them, use a very small amount incase you want or need to change them at a later date.

Install small lighting kit. Do not use an oversize bulb or you can melt the pinlights. Recommend LED light.

Bisque for this tree is available from Majik Merlin’s Ceramics on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Majik-Merlins-Ceramics-77437813210/

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