Police Rememberance Tree - Acrylic Stains: Submitted by: Majik Merlin | Date Added: 3 Nov 2018 About:

Suitable bisq tree fired to cone 04
(see photos top right of page)
A dozen (or as many as you want) Hand-crafted clay ribbons in bisque
Topper – in this case a Nowell’s Bisque Police Hat (or option - a plastic star)

Doc Holliday (acrylic stains):
DH149 Winters Night
DH111 Forget-Me-Not Blue
DH29 White
CSP0003 Gloss-It

Mayco Stains:
SS138 Black
SS87 Emperor Gold
SS81 Shimmering Silver

Assorted white bristle brushes for acrylics and dry-brushing
Small detail brush or fine liner
News print, paper bag or suitable paper for dry-brushing
Blue and white plastic lights of a size appropriate to your tree (in this case medium twist were used)
Electric components for lighting

More Details:

Wipe down bisque with damp sponge to remove all dust and debris, especially in crevices. Let dry thoroughly,

Base coat tree with DH111, making sure to scrub paint in so it gets into all the crevices. If needed apply a second coat. Avoid leaving brush strokes. Let dry (shown is Tampa Bay)

Base coat the ribbons, Hat (inside and out), and base (shown is Holland H705..) with DH149. Again, work paint into crevices and avoid leaving brush strokes. Let dry, set aside.

Taking a large drybrush, drybrush the tree with layers of White until preferred contrast is achieved. Use basic dry brush technique (refer to article on this site if needed). Bulid-up color slowly. Allow to dry thoroughly. Wipe color from brush, Do not wash brush. Let dry.

Wipe out as much color as you can from brush then dry-brush DH149 to some of the tips (resembling snow application) Work from outer tips upward. Add as many layers as needed to achieve a dark blue. Refer to photo at top right of page for placement reference. Let dry. Clean your brush.

Using a small detail brush, paint the brim of the police hat with black.

Using small detail brush paint the center/background of the badge Shimmering Silver

Paint the braid and buttons on the hat with Emperor Gold as well as the border of the badge and the letters. Touch up black and/or blue if needed. Let dry.

Use a small dry brush and apply a thin coat of Gloss it to black brim only of hat, ribbons, base and dark tips of branches, Let dry.

Using a toothpick, apply a small amount of glue to edge of the holes and place lights in a scattered pattern. Do not use a lot of glue in case you need or want to change the out at a later time.

Apply a small amount of glue to the back of the ribbons and press into place where you want them. Hold for a few seconds for the glue to grab hold.

While glue is maturing/drying, assemble your wiring to the base.

Plug in and enjoy.

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