Easy Mosaic Flag - Glazes and Underglazes: Submitted by: Jennifer Miles | Date Added: 27 Jun 2020 About:

Select suitable bisque fired to cone 03-04
Suitable pattern – Example is USA Flag
Glaze writer tip
Soft glaze brush
Pencil or pen
Clay carbon with printed pattern
Mayco Light Grey Foundation glaze
Mayco Cotton Tail Stroke n Coat
Mayco Hot Tamale Stroke n Coat
Mayco Moody Blue Stroke n Coat

More Details:

Clean selected bisque by wiping it down with a damp sponge. Dry thoroughly before continuing

Using soft glaze brush apply three smooth coats of Grey Foundation, making sure to dry thoroughly between coats. Recommend letting third coat dry over night before going on to the next step.

Using pen or dull pencil, trace the pattern of your choice onto the unfired glaze. If you are not using clay carbon pattern, check our articles to find the one on methods to copy patterns.

Using a squeeze bottle with a writer tip filled with Cotton Tail squeeze out dots/splotches of color for white stripes and stars, making sure to leave thin line spacing between them to give the appearance of mosaic. See photo, top right for reference. Make spots random in both size and shape.

Repeat the process using the Blue for the star background and red for the stripes.

When dry, fire to cone 06 stilted.

CME would like to thank Jennifer Miles for sharing her project so that others may create their own.

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