Snowfall Christmas Tree - Glazes: Submitted by: Shelby Bayard | Date Added: 17 Jun 2017 About:

Appropriate Piece in 04 Bisque
Duncan IN 1105 Federal Blue (or any color of Opaque Glaze)
Mayco SG 202 White Cobblestones
Duncan SY 546 Snow
Pallet knife
Soft bristle glaze brush

More Details:

1. Apply 3 flowing coats of IN 1105 to piece, allowing to throughly dry between coats.

2. After 3rd coat of IN1105 is dry, with a soft glaze brush apply 2 wet coats of SG 202 White Cobblestones
allowing to dry throughly dry between coats. Let Dry.

3. With a Pallete knife or popcicle stick, gently lay SY 546 Snow on the tips of each branch to where you
want the snow to lay DO NOT BRUSH the snow on. It must be applied where you want the snow, it should
not move in firing. If you want a fluffier snow apply a second coat WITH a Pallet Knife or Popcicle stick.

4. After piece dries for at least 24 hours, Fire to cone 06 or 05

(Optional step - after you've finished step 2 and Cobblestones has dried completely, apply 1 coat of either Strok-n-Coat or
Duncan's Concepts in a complimentary color. if your base glaze in step 1 was Blue, use a Blue Stroke-n-coat or Concept in
a lighter shade of blue. and continue with Step 3.)

CME would like to thank Shelby Bayard for contributing this project tech sheet to share with ceramists around the world.

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