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Every shop owner needs to tap in to this resource for their customers. The potential is unlimited. A ceramics party is a novel way to bring in new customers as well as draw more business from your current customer base.

What IS a ceramic (themed) party?

Primarily it is when a group of individuals draw together to celebrate an event and paint pieces from a select number of items in bisque. These items are most usually pre-selected and readied with the party group in mind. The finished items are usually given to the person being honored as a gift. The guests can work in stains or underglazes or even glazes. In the case of underglazes, the shop owner can offer to dip in glaze and fire the pieces. All fired items to be picked up on or by a specific date.

Enough time should be given for most projects to be completed. Two hours is usually adequate, but you may wish to allow guest to stick around a while longer or come back at another time if needed. Staff should be on hand to advise and help where needed.

The shop should provide brushes, paints and any subsequent firing that is needed and can additionally offer, pre-printed invitations (free advertising-with shop name), paper plates, napkins, utensils and perhaps simple decorations as the shop owners feels inclined. Food should be catered by whomever arranges the party, but should not be such to create conflict with the painting activity (such as pizza, or fried chicken). This should be pre-arranged so adequate space can be provided.

Pricing should be pre-established; however the shop owner can make more personal packages available. Attention should be given to make sure pricing is comprehensive and includes all supplies, potential firings and to cover wages/profit. There should be no surprises at the end of the party with additional charges. The shop owner can make lists of examples of bisque that can be made available for specific themes and a per head price with each item for a basic party price. Additional services can be added from that basic price. This will save time when someone comes in to inquire about having a party.

ALWAYS Charge a non-refundable deposit or payment in advance.

Let’s just examine a few themes that you can incorporate and offer.

Birthday Parties for Kids or Adults. The hostess comes into the shop in advance to leave a deposit and work out the party details. Items are selected age appropriate or themed for the birthday boy or girl. The finished items are given to the Birthday person as a gift. The guests can work in stains or underglazes, or even glazes.

Wedding Showers – Really a popular event because the bride can come in and select things she will want for her new home and can pre-select colors. This is a great way for her to get a set of dishes, matching bakeware, or kitchen accessories.

Baby Showers – VERY fun. The mother to be can come in and select items she wants for the baby’s room or things she can use with the baby, as well as her color theme. Lamps, cotton ball/Qtip containers, wall plaques, etc.

Company Getaways – A great way for companies to spend some quality bonding time away from the stress of the workplace. A great way to instill camaraderie. In this case, guests will most likely keep the items they make.

Secret Santa – A great way for people to get together to make gifts for each other and then surprise them on Christmas day when they find out what they get and from whom

School Groups – Great for fundraising (a percentage going to the school or group). Items can be kept by the artist or sold at a school auction. Good for teacher appreciation gifts as well.

Church Groups – A great way for building Christian fellowship or even fund raising

Holiday and Special Events – a gathering place to celebrate special days or holidays. A spooky Halloween, a Silvery Christmas, a special Anniversary, a promotion at work, a going away party. There is no limit to themes here.

Not to forget Fido – People love their pets, they will love having an opportunity to make a pet bowl, or canister for treats, or a frame for pictures etc. of their fur babies, even those with feathers or fins.

What about Family Reunions? - When a family plays together, it stays together. What better opportunity to have quality time together than while painting ceramics?

Being Neighborly – A wonderful way to welcome a new family to the neighborhood. Also a great way to create house warming gifts for the new home owner.

Scouting – Working with kids is wonderful and while you are at it, help them earn a badge. Scouts can get together just for fun or to make things to sell for fund raising for their troops.

So now we got you started, how many party ideas can you come up with. Once you get your party packages worked out, you will need to remember to Advertise – Advertise – Advertise!!!!

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