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Lakeland Upright dragon in bisque (or your choice)
Assorted soft bristle brushes for glazes (Incl 10/0 liner, luster brush, gold brush)
Assorted stiff bristle brushes for acrylic stains
Plum Beautiful crystal glaze**
Ceramichrome Iris Ice glaze**
Ceramichrome Raspberry Ice glaze**
Ceramichrome Oyster Gray Ice**
Black glaze
Clear brushing glaze
Duncan Royal Danish glaze IN1679
Lavender underglaze
Soft blue underglaze
Metallic gold acrylic
White acrylic
Black acrylic
Black translucent stain
Med Brown acrylic
Duncan Goldenrod acrylic OS491
Walnut translucent stain
Fire on Mother of Pearl
Fire on Gold
Gloss Brush on sealer
Matte Brush on sealer
Water container for brushes
Cleaning solvent for brushes if needed
Soft cloth for antiquing

More Details:

Begin with a bisque dragon that has been fired to cone 04. Clean and make sure all design and crevices are dust free. Mix paints before using, allow piece to dry between coats. Work with ONE glaze color at a time before starting the next one.

1. Pour small amount of lavender and blue underglazes on a tile or pallet. With a dampened soft bristle brush, randomly stroke splotches of each color over wings. When dry, use a damp sponge to wipe off majority of color leaving hints of colors in crevices/detailing of wings. Let dry

2. Using a 10/0 liner and clear brushing glaze, paint edge of spines along back and tail; horns; face, (NOT THE EYES) ball in hand; gold pile and treasure in box. Then go back and glaze these areas with two or three coats of clear brushing glaze. By painting these areas clear, you will be better able to see gold application later.

TIP: When butting up the glazes against each other, do not cross the fine line created with the liner brush – keeping second and third coats away from other colors. This will help to prevent bleeding of colors and give a fine detailing.

3. Again using the 10/0 liner, outline the large scales along back spine, wings, nose, around eyes, legs, back toes, tail. Using soft bristle brushes, paint areas with three coats of Black glaze

4. Stir/mix Plum Beautiful glaze well to blend color particles. (If you are using a different crystal glaze, do not pull in the large particles until application of last coat) Using the same liner method, apply three coats to the body, neck, tail, back legs and back feet

5. Using the same liner method, apply three coats of Iris Ice to the nose, belly and undersides.

6. Using the same liner method. Apply two to three coats of Raspberry ice to the mouth, teeth and tongue. DO NOT PAINT EYES

7. Using the same liner method. Apply two coats of Royal Danish over wings.

8. Apply 2 or 3 coats of Oyster Grey Ice to large crystal ball. (When firing, DO NOT fire on top of treasure or gold stack.)

9. Fire large orb and dragon to cone 05 (stilt the Orb)

10. Use cleaning solvent or alcohol to clean glazed areas that will become gold to remove any fingerprints from handling. Using a brush reserved for gold, apply gold to spine, horns, face and nose (NOT THE EYES), gold pile and treasure. When dry, fire to cone 018

11. Check your piece carefully. If you missed any gold spots, re-apply where needed and fire again.\

12. Clean the wings. the small orb in the hand, and large orb with solvent or alcohol to remove fingerprints or contaminants. Using a brush for lusters, apply one swirling coat of Mother of Pearl. Let dry and fire to cone 020-018.

13. Using a stiff bristle brush paint the rock base with White non-fire stains. Be sure to paint the bottom/underside as well.

14. Put a small amount of medium brown and black non-fire stain/acrylic on a tile or pallet. With a dampened (almost dry) coarse weave sponge, lightly sponge a small amount of medium brown to surfaces of rocks, using a pouncing motion. Clean the sponge and repeat with a small amount of black. You want a light salt and peppered look.

15. Usng a stiff bristle brush, antique the rocks with a black translucent.
Brush on color and work it into the crevices. While still wet, use a soft
cloth to wipe away much of the color leaving shadows and crevice

16. Paint the treasure chest with Goldenrod, working the color well into the crevices. Let dry

17. Use a stiff bristle brush and antique the treasure chest with a walnut translucent. While still wet, wipe off with a soft cloth leaving color in the crevices/details.

18. Paint the eyes with a metallic non-fire gold stain and the pupils black. Make a small white highlight in each eye with white. When dry, brush on a coat of High Gloss sealer for added shine.

19. Use a matte sealer on the treasure chest and rocks. Dont use a spray as it will dull the glazes.

To display, place the large orb on the gold coin stack or in the crook of the tail.

**Color substitutions

If you cannot locate the colors used in this project, you might consider the following substitutions. Please note colors will vary somewhat.

Plum Beautiful Crystal Glaze - Mayco CG753 Royal Fantasy
Ceramichrome Oyster Grey Ice -
Amaco 367-2 Mist/gray (One or two coats with Clear on top) or
Mayco FN202 Yadro
Ceramichrome Raspberry Ice - Mayco SC85 Orchid (one coat then cover with one coat clear glaze)
Ceramichrome Iris Ice -
Amaco 371-2 Rosy Mauve or
Mayco SC18 Rosy Posy (two coats then cover with one coat clear glaze)

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