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Information on the ancient ceramic art technique known as Mishima

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Mishima is an art form that involves inlaying a fine line design into a clay body of a different color. Ultimate result is a smooth surface finish.

Many Asian techniques are named after their state/city of origin; however in the case of Mishima, that is not so. It has often been compared to the art created in the shrine of Mishima and ultimately began to be referred to for that place as it gained popularity.

With its start in Korea, Mishima dates back to the mid 900’s and reached its highest popularity in the 12th and 13th century. Recently there has been resurgence in its popularity and many modern artists are creating their own adaptations and exciting designs with this art form.

There are several basic steps to producing the Mishima technique:

1) create a pot or cast form,

2) incise a design in the damp, leather-hard body,

3) fill the design with a contrasting color of clay,

4) remove the excess,

5) drying the form,

6) firing to maturity.

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