Hairy Mug - Glazes: Submitted by: Aurora Hines Riley | Date Added: 13 Oct 2017 About:

Plain bisque of your choice fired to 04 or hotter
Concepts underglaze color of choice (go for good contrast)
Black gloss glaze or color of your choice (choose for good contrast)
Yarn that is hairy, feathery or has fluff to it
Soft bristle fan brush
Clean-up tool or something with a small point

More Details:

Wipe down the bisque with a damp sponge to remove any dust or debris

Let Dry thoroughly

Pre-cut hairy yarn into desired lengths, suggest no longer than 6 to 8 inches longest

Apply two coats of your color/paint choice...drying between coats.

To apply the yarn, you can use long strings or small cuttings. Using a soft fan brush, begin with applying third coat of underglaze/concepts add the yarn pieces pressing down with your brush so it sticks and the 'feathers or hair' is spread out as best you can. DO NOT dry thoroughly.

When sheen is gone, but still damp, dilute your colored glaze (or clear if you prefer) one part water to 3 parts glaze and roll around the inside for full coverage, then pour out. If you use the same glaze as outside, drips are no problem, but if you use clear or another color, please use caution and remove drips carefully (touch up outside if needed)

With fan brush, apply two coats of black gloss glaze to the outside without drying between coats OR you can apply one thick coat. Again, DO NOT dry.

Once your glaze has lost its sheen and while still damp, use the knife tip of your clean up tool or other similar pointed tool to carefully lift the string OFF your piece. If you wait too long, the glaze will dry too much and crack/peel off. If that happens, you can touch up with more glaze or a very light spritz of water.

When you have removed all the yarn, let your item dry thoroughly

Fire on stilts to recommended cone on the bottle, usually cone 05

CME would like to thank Aurora Hines Riley for bringing us this fun project to share with ceramists everywhere.

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