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OOPS! #2 Turning Trash To Treasure - mixed media: Article or Project

Originally, this platter had cracked during its firing, this was a technique to salvage it; but you can create the effect on purpose.

Large Green Ware Coupe Plate or One of Choosing . The Original was 16�

2 glazes that compliment each other. The original had Duncan CR 20085 and Duncan SN 365 Chocolate . (These glazes are no longer available so you will have to pick something similar with the glazes available in todays market.)

Brass Micro Beads /scrapbooking or bead department of your local craft store

Brown Seed Beads / bead department of your local craft store

16 gauge copper wire

12 x 12 piece of Brown stained glass, cut in half, or suitable size for your project

Glass cutter

Gold Over Glaze

Glue E6000

Soft Fan brush for glaze application

Brush for Gold

Essence for cleaning gold brush

Piece of old brass , or filigree jewelry

Drill to make holes in plate for copper wire

More Details

1. Clean your plate and decide where you want your dividing line. If you want copper wire threaded through the plate, score a crooked line down the middle and drill holes in pattern of choice.

2 .Fire 03/04 cone

3. Apply glazes . I used the plain one first, and over stroked the Crystal Glaze randomly onto the plain glaze while finishing the other ½ of the platter. (½ crystal and ½ plain) .

4. Fire 05/06 cone

5. Apply gold overglaze randomly in pattern of your choice .

6. For large, flat items, be sure to tilt them to avoid stress. Refire 018 cone

The original cracked in the gold fire because it wasn’t fired tilted ,so you may want to do that to insure it may not happen to you.

7. After your gold fire, you are ready to decorate. I used glass that I had prepared myself because I wasn’t able to find something readily available on the market . I cut the glass in half and applied halo gold to it and fired it on a freshly kiln washed shelf to 018 . After firing, I cut ½ the glass into ½ inch square and the other 1/2 into long triangles or irregular shapes. Halo gold is no longer available. You may want to try the alcohol technique with regular gold or just dab spots or lines of gold in a web-like manner. Fire to 020

8. Thread your copper wire from the bottom up, almost like a shoe lace. The top was threaded through to the back and used as a hanger. Make sure you use a piece of wire long enough to do the whole job or you will be taking it out and starting over again (no fun ). If you decide not to do the hanger it looks very nice on an easel.

NOTE: There are two options from this point. IF you are not working with a broken piece, you may want to select option 2

Option !:

9. The glass pieces are glued on with E6000 along with the beads, micro beads , and pieces of jewelry . Random placing glass and filling in with beads and micro beads . I used the piece of jewelry as a nice interesting little touch.

Because The original piece had broken in half in the kiln . I had to glue the piece back together,drill holes in the bisque ,and used copper wire to hold it more firmly and to save the piece . The rest was glued on to give it the look it was all planned in the beginning.

Option 2:

If you are not working with a broken piece, add your glass and wire as directed above but do not glue anything in place. (Use Karo to help keep items where you place them.) Then fire again to cone 022-020 (try lower cone first). This will melt and fuse the items into your glazed surface and round the edges. If you feel it is not fused enough, try again at cone 020. AGAIN, tilt the platter slightly to help reduce stress each time you fire it. MAKE SURE you let item cool completely IN the kiln without opening it or it could suffer thermal shock.

I hope you have a beautiful creation ,have fun and share your creation . I would love to see it when you are done .

CME would like to thank Sharry Lyinn for another great, 'trashy' project. Her ingenuity and creativity are greatly appreciated as is her willingness to share with others. You can contact Sharry for questions on her project at Please


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