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Paper Trees - multi media: Article or Project

Suitable 04 bisque - see photos to right of page
Glaze brush – Soft bristles, appropriate size for item.
Mayco #54 Vanilla Dip Stroke n Coat
Mayco #254 Vanilla Dip Speckled Stroke n Coat
Mayco #212 Moody Blue Speckled Stroke n Coat
Mayco #SG406 Brown Designer Liner
Clear Glaze (optional)
Cleaning tool or Exacto knife

Tho this project is done in underglazes, it can be adapted for acrylics and glazes

More Details

1. Wipe down bisque with damp sponge to remove all dust/debris and let dry thoroughly.

2. Apply three coats of #212 Vanilla Dip Speckled to inside of your item, allowing to dry thoroughly between coats.

3. Apply three coats of #54 Vanilla Dip to the outside of the item making sure each coat is thoroughly dry before adding next coat.

4. Tear newspaper into narrow strips tapering to a point at one end.

5. Wet the paper strips and press into place around the perimeter of your item. Apply as smoothly as possible so the next color does not bleed under them. Use thicker strips for trunks and thinner strips for branches. Refer to photo

6. Using a damp sponge or your glaze brush, dab two coats of #254 Moody Blue covering the exterior. Do not allow to dry completely, just until surface loses its shine.

7. While still "damp", peel away the newspaper - use clean up tool or knife to help lift the edges. Refer to photo

8. Dry thoroughly

9. Using Brown designer liner, outline trees and add accent lines - again, refer to photo

10. Dry thoroughly then fire, stilted to cone 06.

NOTE: If you do not feel your Stroke n Coats are applied heavy enough, or just to feel more secure about coverage, you can apply 2 to 3 coats of clear glaze (or dip in dipping glaze) before firing.

Ceramics Made Easy would like to thank Tammy Groshart for her contribution of this project. Tammy is owner/operator of Cabin Fever Ceramics in Soldotna Alaska.


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