Trio of Three-toned Vases - Glazes: Submitted by: Lori Maxim Riley | Date Added: 16 Jun 2017 About:

Bisqware of your choice fired to cone 04 – Plain works best
Duncan AG404 Winter Fog
Duncan AG410 Deep Moss
Duncan CR901 Water Fall
Mayco PC602 White Cascade (Spill Base)
Clear Glaze
Soft bristle glaze brush

More Details:

1. Wipe down bisque with damp sponge to remove any dust or debris, let dry.
2. Take suitable amount of clear glaze and dilute it with water (3 parts glaze, one part water) Mix well and pour inside your vase/s. Roll the glaze around ensuring complete coverage of the inside. Pour out excess and wipe away any drips from the outside. Let dry
3. Using a soft lead pencil, sketch guide lines around the vase dividing it into three sections.
4. Starting at the top, apply three generous but smooth coats of Winter Fog. Let vase dry thoroughly between coats.
5. Moving to the bottom third of the vase, apply three coats of Deep Moss, again allow to dry thoroughly between coats. Only apply one generous coat to the very bottom/underside.
6. In the middle section, apply one coat of Water Fall slightly overlapping the other glazed sections. Let dry.
7. Lay or pat on a generous coat of White Cascade over the Water Fall (middle section). Let dry
8. Again, on the middle section, apply the second coat of Water Fall. Let dry thoroughly.
9. Fire stilted to cone 06

CME would like to thank Lori Maxim Riley for her contribution of this project to share with ceramists around the world.

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