Fall Tree - Mixed Media: Submitted by: Cindy Quamme | Date Added: 1 Dec 2017 About:

Nowell tree w/ base NM342 (see top right of page)

Duncan glaze: IN1026 very black

UM956 silver or UM951 gold metallic stain
AS959 high gloss brush on sealer,
SG880 sparklers , brush on glitter

Glaserceramics.com, (their #'s):
Large tree lighting kit , ELK002
Medium twist bulbs, TTWIST01 ,yellow & orange

Fall flowers, dollar store

Hot glue

Craft glue

Large fan glaze soft bristle brush

Regular stiff bristle stain brush



More Details:

Clean and fire the tree and base to .04 cone

Dust off bisque, prepare for glaze.

With the glaze brush, apply 3 coats of glaze to the tree allowing it to dry thoroughly between coats.
Glaze the base also cover the Holly in the front, going all the way to the border line, below the Holly. DO NOT glaze the bottom ring of the base
see photo

Fire to Cone 06

Cut flowers from their stems. Cut flowers to 1/8" of flower head, if you cut right up to the flower head it may fall apart. If it falls apart, glue it back together. Cut leaves to fit as filler and to glue onto the base to cover the holly.

Before applying the flowers and bulbs, paint the bottom and bottom rim with your choice of silver or gold stain with your stain brush. When dry cover with brush on sealer. Let dry.

With craft glue, glue in the med twist lights, alternating colors, put one where the "star" on top would go.

Hot glue flowers and leaves on the base covering the holly. Refer to photo above

Using the hot glue, place flowers in arrangement around the tree.

Randomly brush on the SG880 sparklers to leaves (and flowers) - use as much as you want

Wire in the "large tree" light kit to the base.

CME would like to thank Cindy Quamme for providing information on making this great seasonal transition tree and to share with other ceramists. For comments or questions, you may contact Cindy at:

Cindy Quamme@dreamacreceramics

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