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What Constitues a Good Seller: Article or Project

In years past, it has been relatively easy to purchase ceramics – walk in to a shop, see the item, pick it out, pay and take away. Simple. But in today’s market, local resources are not easily available, so buyers have resorted to purchasing online, from unknown sellers, sight virtually unseen. They have to purchase on faith, with varying expectation.

Any buy or sell transaction requires a level of trust for both parties, especially in today’s ecommerce. It is very important to address many matters before entering an agreement. Both buyer and seller need to work together to assure both have a satisfactory experience

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A Good Seller:

Provides as much information as possible with their listing, i.e. answers to frequently asked questions, size, basic pricing, shipping information, description, etc. (however, most sellers do not post prices on custom finishing because there are so many variables)

Takes pride in their product

They know what they are doing

They produce a well-cast and well-cleaned product

Finished items look professionally done - they in fact are with experienced sellers/artists

They pay attention to minute details

They clean their ware from top to bottom and areas in between

Seams are virtually impossible to find

They re-incise details - which helps to remove/hide seams

There are virtually no flaws on the bisque (cracks, seams, nail marks, holes, etc)

They are up-front about condition of molds, especially older, well-used molds that are no longer pristine.

They Communicate

If there is a problem filling your order in a timely manner or there are any other issues, they let the buyer know

They are available for questions or comments

They let the buyer know if there will be any delay in filling the order

They ask questions about your order so you get what you expect and not what they think you might have meant.

They often require payment in advance or a deposit

They let you know when payment is received

They let you know when item is shipped

They strive to keep shipping costs low

They pack well and securely to assure safe shipment.

Good Customer Service

They offer guarantees on workmanship

Insurance should be part of their shipping policy to cover breakage

If there are any issues on a shipment, they are quick to respond and make every effort to ‘make things right’

They are knowledgeable and willing to help you in finding accessories or other suppliers should they not have or be able to fulfill your order.

They will try to help you with finishing techniques or refer you to where you can get help.

Turn around time is reasonable based on the format of their “business’’, i.e. full time, full service shop vs part-time home studio, or anything in between. Custom orders take longer, especially those being custom finished. BE patient.

Please see: What is a good buyer.


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What Constitues a Good Seller

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