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Colorful Kitty - non-fire: Article or Project

Smooth, non-detailed 04 bisqueware (see cat in photo top right of Screen)
Modge Podge, Elmer's Glue, Arlene's Tacky glue or similar product
3 to 5 colorful patterned paper napkins
Black acrylic paint
White acrylic paint (optional)
fine liner brush
White stiff bristle brush
Old brush to use with glue
Spray finish, or brush-on sealer

More Details

Getting started....Pick an item that has no detail (see cat above right for example). Choose napkins that have interesting colors and patterns (available in most stores, but check out Party City and Dollar Stores)

1. With a stiff bristle brush, you can base coat the cat with white acrylic stain (optional). Let dry.

2. Tear a piece of napkin, brush some (thinned) glue only on the area that you are going to put the napkin. Lightly press over the napkin to work out any bubbles, or ripples. Moisten fingers when needed to remove excess glue from hands.

3. Take some more paste and brush on top of the piece of napkin, making sure the edges are secure. Make sure the edges are glued down, or they will 'lift'. ** see below

4. Keep repeating with additional pieces mixing and matching the different patterns. Over lap each piece of napkin so there are no spaces between.

5. When complete, cover entire cat with glue.

6. When dry, take the liner brush and black paint to make the eyes, and nose and any other details you might like to set-off.

7. Spray or brush sealant over entire cat.

** If you are not happy with the way it looks, soak it in warm water, lightly scrub until the glue is off. LET dry, start over.

CME would like to thank Pat Stamler for providing this project to share with others, young and old, to expand their experiences in the craft of ceramics. You may contact Pat at:


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Colorful Kitty - non-fire

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