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Do Be Suede - Non-fire: Article or Project

Suede/flocking colors of choice
Spray Sealant
Gloss Spray
Applicator (may use a squeeze plastic catsup/mustard bottle with a tip)

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More Details

Bleu-J Suede can be used on bisque and/or glazed pieces. You can apply it over previously stained or glazed pieces to give them a whole new look. If you are applying the flock to bisque using the gloss, you will need to spray your piece with your desired sealer. When your piece is dry, you can proceed with the following application technique.

STEP 1: After the piece is dry from sealing, line a box big enough for your piece to set in with newspaper or tissue paper. Fill the pump applicator ? full of flock.

STEP 2: Starting at the bottom, apply the gloss to the area that you want to apply the flock. Be sure to use a soft sable brush so that it does not drag the gloss. Apply a good coat of gloss, but not runny. If you notice that the gloss is starting to look dull in spots, dab some more gloss on in those spots, otherwise the flock will not adhere properly to those areas.

STEP 3: With your pump applicator ? full of flock, pump on flock with light strokes, making sure that you have covered the area well. (Hard strokes will cause the flock to blow back at you instead of on the piece. To light of a stroke will cause the flock not to adhere well) If you are working on a large figure, do it in sections. If you were doing a large Santa, you would do his pants first, then his jacket, and lastly his hat. The pump should be held 4-6 inches from the piece and apply in short, quick strokes. The flock will only adhere to areas which have been coated with gloss.

STEP 4: When you have finished applying the flock, let the piece sit over night to dry. DO NOT TOUCH THE PIECE WHERE YOU JUST FLOCKED! This would crush the flock fibers into the gloss making them stiff. After you blow off the excess flock (either by gently blowing on it or use an empty pump gun) you may pour your excess flock back into the bag for re-use. If you are wanting to use more than 1 color of flock on your piece, you must let each color of flock dry 24 hrs before applying another color. You should always apply the darker color of flock first and then the lighter colors. You may apply 2 different colors of gloss at the same time to give your suede a two-toned effect. (ex: a blue flock applied over white gloss and light blue gloss will create a two-toned effect).

STEP 5: Wait 24 hrs and then either blow on your piece or use pump or vacuum to remove any loose fibers. You may then proceed with 2nd color now, or if your piece is finished, spray lightly with porcelain mist sealer. (Make sure can is held 12? from piece.)

CME would like to thank Kathy Arnold for sharing her wonderful product and technique. You may contact Kathy and/or order supplies at: Katevo Creations. email - Phone: 636-797-5212.


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Do Be Suede - Non-fire Do Be Suede - Non-fire Do Be Suede - Non-fire Do Be Suede - Non-fire

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