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Sweet Christmas Confection - Glazes: Article or Project

Bisque fired to cone 04 (shown top right - Ceramichrome Tree Trinket Box)
Clear Glaze
Duncan Bottle Green Glaze or green of your choice
Duncan Color Burst chips - Red and Green
Soft fan brush

More Details

Wipe down bisque with damp sponge or lint free cloth to make sure it is free of dust or other debris. Give special care to corners and impressions. Let dry.

Mix a small amount of clear glaze with a small amount of water (about 4:1 ratio) For the tree box, start with about 1 tablespoon of glaze and 2/3 tsp water.

Pour glaze mixture into bottom of the box and roll it around, bringing it up to the underside of the edge of the box. Pour off excess. Wipe down any spills on the outside of the box with a damp sponge.

Using a soft fan brush, dipped in water then squeeze out, Apply three coats of undiluted clear glaze to lid – including inside the lid. Dry thouroughly between coats. TIP: always use a brush designated for clear glaze only to avoid any potential contamination from other colors.

Using a clean, moistened fan brush, apply three coats of green glaze to exterior of the box bottom. Again, dry thoroughly between coats. Set aside.

LID: Refer to photos, top right of this page. Working on one branch at a time, apply a light swath of clear glaze. Using tweezers, pick up one small color chip at a time and place it randomly on the wet branch. The wet glaze helps hold chips in place. Continue working one branch at a time. When you apply to the side branches, use care to not place the chips too low, so they won’t drip off edges.

Using your same fan brush, carefully lay or dab clear glaze over the tops of the chips. As you handle the lid, use care to not bump off any of the color chips. Let dry thoroughly.

Place your parts stilted in the kiln and fire to cone 06.

CME would like to thank Christopher Hilley for this adorable project

The bisque for the tree box shown is available from Majik Merlin's Ceramics via Facebook:


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Sweet Christmas Confection - Glazes Sweet Christmas Confection - Glazes Sweet Christmas Confection - Glazes

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