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Products Applied On Top of a Fired Glaze and Re-fired

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Overglazes are fired at the coolest temperatures - ranging from 015-022. If you are adding multiple overglazes, you will fire the hotter ones first.

DO NOT fire gold and mother of pearl at the same time. These two overglazes create gases that are not compatible. If you want both on your piece, fire one first and then the other.

DO NOT put gold or decals or mother of pearl on the bottoms of your items

Overglazed items do not need to be stilted unless firing to cone 015, then stilts are recommended.

Make sure kiln is cooled completely before opening. The more often you fire an item, the greater risk that the item will suffer thermal shock, so the more care should be given to the cooling process in order to lower the risk.

Do not plug peepholes during overglaze firings. Make sure the firing room or kiln is well ventilated. It is inadvisable to be in the room during the firing process.


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