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How to Set Your Cone: Article or Project

Using Pyrometric Cones in a Kiln Sitter

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Modern day cones are small rods about one inch in length. These rods have either three or four sides. In the case of the four sided or square rod, it does not matter how you place it in your sitter. In the case of the three sided or triangle rod, it does make a difference. If you examine the sides you will see one of them is ever so slightly wider than the other two. This is the base and it goes on the bottom. (Note: there may be some brands who have equalized all sides, so it won’t matter)

Place the cone between the prongs of the sitter, with the movable prong/rod on top, the two stationary prongs on the bottom. This can be manipulated internally or externally.

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How to Set Your Cone

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