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Alphabet Soup for Ceramics: Article or Project


Food for Creativity

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This little quip has nothing to do with the book series but is to be taken quite literally. Who'da'thunk it?? Look at how you can use alphabet soup to create unique ceramic pieces.

Start with a package of dry alphabet soup noodles and let's have some fun. Pick out the best shaped letters to do these projects.

Cast an item, any item and while wet and leather hard, but still slightly soft, press the letters into the clay. Spell out names, messages, or thoughtful words. Let your item dry. Clean as normal, paint with underglazes if you desire (right over the letters) and bisque fire. The noodles will fire away, leaving their imprint in your bisque. Neat, eh??

Now, try creating a stamp to use for imprinting on surfaces. Here you need a piece of flattened clay and you press the letters backwards. Fire the clay then use it as a press mold for jewelry.

Next, try creating a reusable stamp to press into cast items. Here you will put the letters into a flattened piece of clay in the correct order and direction. Fire the clay to bisque, then you will create a negative by pressing another flattened piece of clay over the imprinted word/s. Make sure the new piece dries flat then fire it. You can re-use this over and over without worrying about the pasta wearing out. You can curve the negative instead of drying it flat if your purpose is to use it on rounded surfaces.

Now, go personalize some mugs, dinnerware, jewelry, frames, trinket boxes etc., etc. Add names, thoughtful messages, poetry and so on. Imprint the bottoms of your items with your name!!! Let your imagination run free.

NOTE: Idea adapted from Make It With Me blog who also is credited for photos.


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Alphabet Soup for Ceramics

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