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Gingerbread Christmas Tree - Glazes: Article or Project

Suitable prepared Greenware Tree (shown top right is Tampa Bay 179/180

Mayco Products: Jungle Gems CG 750 Noel
Specialty glaze SG 302 Snowfall
Stroke n Coat: SC-73 Candy Apple Red*
*option Foundations FN 010 Tree Green

Duncan Products: Courtyard CY 112 Saddle Clove

Other Products: Med Globe Lites in Red – they look more like cherries on the item.
Sobo White glue - (it's thicker than Elmer's but still allows bulbs
to be changed rather easily

Soft fan brush

Lighting kit

More Details

Prepare the tree by cutting 1/2 inch holes for the bulbs. The large hole will accommodate the puffing of the snow icing and fit the bulbs. The top center hole of the greenware should be 1/2 inch to fit the lighting kit with a smaller 1/4 inch hole on the side for the cord

Properly Clean and fire Greenware to cone 04

On Bisque apply 3 EVEN coats of Duncan Saddle Clove with a soft glaze brush.
Taking care to not leave runs or puddles. Allow to dry between each coat.

Allow tree to dry thoroughly.

With Mayco “SnowFall” apply 2 wet coats to the areas that you would like to have
the “Icing”, allowing to dry between coats.

After Snowfall is dry, (glaze will have a dull appearance – no shine) apply 1 coat of CG 750 Noel
over the snow – evenly distributing crystals onto the “ICING” ONLY.

Apply 3 – 4 coats of SC-73 Candy Apple Red to the base. (Or, if you like, Foundations FN-010 Tree Green
also gives a nice accent to the finished “Gingerbread” Tree.) It is imperative that you allow the red glaze to dry thoroughly between coats

Allow project to dry thoroughly

Bisque fire both tree and base to Cone 06.

OPTION: Using Elmers or SOBO glue to affix your bulbs in each hole in the bisque.

Install wiring into the base.

CME would like to thank Shelby Shallenberger for providing instructions for her Gingerbread tree and to Nancy Brommelsick for her photo.


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Gingerbread Christmas Tree - Glazes

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