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Dona Witches Hat - Acrylics: Article or Project

Dona Witch Hat in bisque (If your hat is going to be a music box, make sure there is a hole drilled to accommodate the music box).

Assorted White/stiff bristled brushes
Liner or detail brush
Doc Holliday Colors acrylic stains:
Real Brown
Olive Green
Regal Purple
True Orange
True Red
Kings Copper
Red brush on glitter
Orange brush on glitter
Gold brush on Glitter
Matte or Semi-Matte Spray Sealer
Brush-on Gloss sealer or ultra clear nail polish
Option: Music box and turn table if desired.

More Details

1. Use photo (top right of page) as reference for color placement.
2. Base coat hat, acorns and squirrels Black.
3. Dry brush squirrels and acorns with Real Brown, highlight squirrels and acorns with Firewood, Dry brush acorn tops with Medium Brown.
4. Highlight squirrels with Cream on bellies, around eyes and under the tails and edges of tops of acorns.
5. Paint some patches and ribbon regal purple, and other patches olive green. (See Photo.)
6. Paint leaves True Orange, dry brush with Daffodil, heavier in some spots creating shading, and add True Red in other spots to get a good fall coloring.
7. Referring to photo, add stripes on the Olive Green patches with Rust, Regal Purple, Real Brown and Cream.
8. Using the handle tip of a brush, create polka dots for the Regal Purple patches with Rust, Olive Green and Cream.
9. Create polka dots on the Regal Purple ribbon with Cream.
At this point you might want to give a light spray of matte sealer to the entire piece to give added durability.
10. Paint buckle with Kings Copper.
11. Brush on Glitters to the leaves.
12. Eyes white, real brown and black.
13. Noses black.
14. Option for added pizzazz, use a high gloss brush on sealer to the eyes and nose.

Then brush on glitter the leaves ( I used red, orange and gold on each leaf )

CME would like to Thank Gina O’Neil Jordan of CDG Ceramics in Thompson Illinois for her adaptation of Dona’s Witches Hat.

You may contact Gina for bisque at:


Article/Project Pictures:
Dona Witches Hat - Acrylics Dona Witches Hat - Acrylics

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