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Faux Patina Cowboys - Non-fire Acrylics: Article or Project

Cone 04 Bisque Item. Shown at top right are Doc Holliday Roughcuts
Doc Holliday Colors
Cdh044 Blue Suede
Palette or tile
White stiff bristle brush large enough to give good coverage
Spray fixative

More Details

Using a stiff bristle brush, base-coat your item with Copper, making sure to keep brush strokes to a minimum and apply to all crevices. Let dry thoroughly.

Pour a small amount of Blue Suede on tile (replenish when needed).

Tip your sponge into the Blue and then squeeze it out. Lightly brush your sponge over the surface, grabbing the high spots of the detail, much like dry-brushing. Apply more in some places, less in others. Continue until you achieve desired coverage. See photo for reference.

When dry, apply a light coat of spray fix.

CME would like to thank Dawn Rene' Dremann for sharing this project so others may enjoy it.


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Faux Patina Cowboys - Non-fire Acrylics

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