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Ladybug Santa: Article or Project

Gare Ladybug Santa Greenware (or bisque)*
(M) UG051 China White Underglaze
(M) SCo20 Birthday Suit - Stroke & Coat
(M) SC001 Pink-a-Boo - Stroke & Coat
(M) SC074 Hot Tamale - Stroke & Coat
(M) SC015 Tuxedo - Stroke & Coat
(M) SC016 Cotton Tail - Stroke & Coat
(D) EZ 012 Jet Black
(D) EZ 031 Light Blue
(M) S2101 Natural Clear Glaze
(D) OG801 Bright Gold
(D) A901 Essence
(R) 1 SG152 - 12 Taklon Shader
(R) 2 SG152 - 10 Taklon Shader
(R) 3 SG152 - 6 Taklon Shader
(NA) 3 - BRNAP 11 Mini Detailers
(NA) 3 - BRNAP 5 or 10 Mini Shaders
1 stylus
Wipe Out Tool

More Details

Clean and detail the greenware Santa.
Using a #10 shader, paint the entire Santa with 3 coats of China White underglaze. Fire to an 03 cone.

Put 4 large drops of Birthday Suit on your pallet. Put 1 drop of Pink-a-Boo in this puddle and 1 drop of Hot Tamale off to the side.

With one #6 shader, dip your into the Hot Tamale puddle, and take to the large puddle, blend these colors together.

Apply 3 coats of this mixture to Santa's face, and hands, avoiding his eyes.

Pick up a Mini Shader, and dip into this Flesh mixture and take this little bit and set it aside on your pallet.

Take this same Mini Shader and barely tip into the Hot Tamale, then to the larger puddle of the flesh, blend again. Pat this brush back on a paper towel, and lightly, dry brush Santa's cheeks to add a tiny bit of blush to his cheeks.

NOTE: If you happen to get the blush too dark, clean the brush and pat dry with a paper towel, and dip into the flesh mixture that you set aside, pat on a paper towel, and lightly dry brush a tiny bit of flesh over the color. (like putting powder over your blush when applying makeup)

Pour out another puddle of Hot Tamale. With another Mini Shader, apply 4 coats of this color to all of the lady bug bodies all over Santa, his robe, hat, the lady bug toys in the bag, and don't forget the ones on Santa's shoe. With one of the small detailers, apply 3 coats of Chile Pepper to Santa's lip.

Next, pour out a puddle of Tuxedo on your pallet. Use a Mini Shader and paint 3 coats on the heads of each of the lady bugs, and Santa's shoe.

With one of the small detailers, dip into water, pat back on a paper towel, then into the Tuxedo and make the line down the middle of the back of every ladybug.

Use the stylus and place the dots on the backs of all of the ladybugs, using Tuxedo.

Put a drop of Light Blue EZ Stroke on your pallet. With one of the detailers, dip into the blue, pat on your pallet, in a clean spot, and carefully, using the tip of your brush, paint in the iris of the eyes being careful not to make them too large, or too small... leave some white on either side. - Full round ball...

Pour a drop of black EZ stroke on your pallet, and a drop of water off to the side. Using a detailer, dip into the water, then into the black. Blend together in a clean spot. Pull your brush out from this mixed spot - DO NOT TWIST YOUR BRUSH - lift the brush, rotate, and repeat. (Never twist the brush.) As soon as the blue is dry, take this brush, barely touch the tip on a paper towel and using only the tip of your brush (keeping the ballerina on it's toes) carefully draw the line across the top lid - from the center of the face, to the outside edge of the left eye. Repeat with the right eye. KEEPING THE BRUSH UP ON THE VERY TIP.

Again, using the black/water mix - and your tiny detailer, only with the very tip of the brush, (remember to blot the tip on a paper towel), outline the iris, and carefully put a dot in the center of the iris for the pupil. (Left eye first, repeat with right eye).

Then draw the outline on the bottom of the left eye, - starting just under the iris, and pulling to the outside of the eye - repeat on the right eye.

Put 1 drop of Cotton Tail on your pallet. With the tip of your smallest stylus, dip it into the Cotton Tail, and carefully put the dot or star in the1:00 position or each eye creating the sparkle (smile) in Santa's eyes. (Some may choose to use a detailer instead of the stylus.) Put the highlight in the same position on each eye - the light will come from only one side.

Check to see if you need to clean up any places.

Once he is ready, fire to an 06.

Clean your brushes now.

With your #12 shader, and Clear Glaze, paint your entire Santa with 2 coats.
Fire to 06.
Clean your brushes now.

Take a new Mini Shader, dip into the Essence to clean, pat back on a clean paper towel till nearly dry. (Use a paper towel and some Essence and wipe a clean spot on the pallet.) You do not want the Essence to dilute the gold.

Drop one drop of gold on a clean pallet, using your small shader, paint the holly on Santa's hat. Be sure to get a good coverage of gold on your piece without putting too much on. (Your Gold should not run. If it does, you have too much on your brush.) Paint all of the keys on the toy lady bugs, including the key in Santa's hand. Fire according to the directions on your bottle.

Clean your Gold brush by rinsing in the Essence, pat dry, wrap in a clean paper towel, mark as GOLD, and place it in a safe place with your Gold & Essence. Do not use these with any other products.

CME wants to give a special thank you to Ruth Ann Perkins for providing this project instruction and photo
* BISQUE is available from Majik Merlin's Ceramics (Facebook)


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Ladybug Santa

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