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Faux Stained Glass Mug - Glazing: Article or Project

Suitable Bisque - Shown Duncan Contempo mug
Pinstriping tape: half-inch, quarter-inch, one eighth-inch
No. 6 Round Sable Brush

Duncan Concepts:
CN 012 Bright Straw
CN 372 Bright Honeysuckle
CN 272 Bright Grape
CN 352 Bright Sapphire
CN 183 Bright Kiwi
CN 253 Black

Cover Coat:
CC 118 Cobalt Crystal Black

More Details

Preparation: (see note below)
1. Roll black Concepts inside the mug
2. Apply one coat of Cover Coat CC 118 black to the outside of the mug
3. When whitish coating appears, lightly polish using a dry sponge

1. Apply one-quarter inch tape around top and bottom edges of the mug
2. Use three different sizes of tape to create geometric patterns
3. When patterning is complete, use fingers to ensure good adhesion of all tapes, paying closest attention to the edges

1. Apply 3 coats of a different color of Concepts to each section of the design, allowing to dry fully between coats
2. Remove tape while third coat is still damp
3. When completely dry sponge outside with clear glaze, overlapping inside a little to ensure full glaze coverage; finish with brushed coat of clear glaze on outside and fire to cone 06.

NOTE: if you prefer a white background and/or inside of mug these preparation steps can be ignored according to your choice.

CME would like to thank Connie Wawruck-Hemmett for her contribution of this project for the pleasure of ceramists world wide.


Article/Project Pictures:
Faux Stained Glass Mug - Glazing

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