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Trick or Treat Tree - Glazes and Underglazes: Article or Project

Jamar Mallory Treat Tree fired to cone 04 (See photo top right)

Paints (fired colors):
Mayco Stroke n Coat #SC75 Tuxedo #SC15
Mayco Designer Line Black #SG401
Duncan Concepts Bright Straw #CN012
Duncan Concepts Dark Purple #CN293
Spectrum Glaze Bright Orange #744
Gare Clear Brushing Glaze #NTG-9000

Sponge It’s:
Sponges designed by Rachel Byass in UK. Distributed in the USA
By Dru Woodward
#21 Small Bat
#29 Medium Witch
#30 Small Witch

#4 Glaze Brush
#12 Flat Brush
#1 Liner brush

More Details

Using a damp sponge, wipe down your bisque to remove any dust or debris then allow to dry thoroughly before applying paints.

Using your flat brush apply 3 coats of your concepts #CN012 Bright Straw to the inside part of the branches. Making sure to dry thoroughly between each coat. Be sure to bring the Bright Straw out wide enough for the sponge design to fit.

On the outer part of the branches and underneath each branch apply 3 coats of #744 Spectrum
Bright Orange Glaze, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly between coats.

On the base of the tree, apply 3 coats of the Duncan Concepts CN293 Dark Purple. Again, dry thoroughly between coats.

Once your branches are dry you can begin sponging your witch’s and bats by squeezing out a
puddle of Mayco Stroke & Coat Tuxedo #SC15.

Dip your sponge in water and then squeeze out all of the water. Take your sponge dip it into your underglaze then tap the sponge once or
twice on to your palette to remove excess then gently place the sponge onto your branch
gently tap the top of the sponge and rock it back and forth a bit then lift the sponge straight up.

Begin with your witch sponges using the smaller witch on the upper branches and the larger witch on the lower branches. See photo at top right of page for placement reference.

Continue the same process with your bat’s.

If you find that your sponge design is not completely covered you can sponge over top or use your liner brush to fill in the area.

With your Mayco Black Designer Liner SG401 make squiggly lines around the branches between the Bright Straw and Bright Orange.

Once your design work is completely dry apply 2 or 3 coats of Gare Clear Glaze NTG-9000 to your
Bright Straw area’s and the Dark Purple on the base of your tree.

Once dry, stilt and fire your tree and base to cone 06.

CME would like to thank Donna Casterlin for providing instructions on finishing this festive tree for others to make their own. If you have any questions or need help with your tree, Donna can be reached by email at: or Facebook The Bisqueware Barn


Article/Project Pictures:
Trick or Treat Tree - Glazes and Underglazes Trick or Treat Tree - Glazes and Underglazes

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