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To Mom With Love non-fired Fashenhues: Article or Project

Hummingbird Rock - Bisque (see photo top right)

Fashenhues Paints:
S22 Magenta
C 104 Base coat
S-23 Mediterranean
P1 White Pearl
S31 Fuchsia
P4 Sunshine
S14 Green
S15 Red
S17 Black
Blending Medium

2 – ¾” Shader Brush
8 Shader brushes (#6 - 10)
Wet Ones
Antiquing Solution
Small disposable cups
Viva Paper Towels
Spray Gloss Sealer
Foil/paint pallet

More Details

A. If you use too much Blending Medium, you will have issues with leaving finger prints in your piece.
B. You can always hold your piece with a paper towel as you are painting it.
C. Any time you use a wet one, ALWAYS dry your hands before touching your piece again.
D. You can clean your hands at any time with a wet one, just be sure to dry your hands before touching your piece.
E. Always discard your wet ones after using them, do not set them down in your work area as there is too much chance of sitting your piece down on them. If you sit your piece down on a wet one, it will remove your color.
G. Do not pick up fresh color to touch up an area you already did, as it will LIGHTEN your color, not darken them.
H. A very little goes a long way…
I. The brush numbers listed are just a suggestion. Use the brush that fits the area. I recommend flat taklon shaders for the majority of the project. ( I’m recommending Creations by Ruth Ann Brushes as this is my brush line.) Folks are always asking which brushes I recommend, so I found a really good line of brushes that I use, endorse, and recommend enough to put my co name on them.
J. Always use a clean brush for every color. Do not wash your translucent brushes until you have completed your piece. Always wash out both the acrylic, basecoat, metallic, and pearl brushes.
K. Always use a clean cloth for every color. Set them aside, with brush on top as you finish with each color. You may need them again.
L. When you base coat, you need two coats of whatever color you choose to base coat with. Some people like to base coat with C – 1288 then C-104 for the top coat so they can see where they missed easier. My personal preference is to use the C104 for both coats.

Painting directions:
1. Clean & detail greenware. Fire to 03-04.
2. Pour some C-104 into a small disposable cup. Using a ¾” shader, basecoat entire piece with C-104; dry and repeat.
3. Pour antiquing solution in a different small disposable cup, with another ¾” shader load brush and brush the entire piece, reloading as needed. Any uncovered areas will darken. Dry with a paper towel, noting any darkened areas, and touch up with more C-104. Dry.
4. With P1 White Pearl, paint all the flower peddles & the entire hummingbird. DO NOT WIPE BACK.
5. Clean all brushes at this point and remove water bowls from the table; shape bristles, and lay flat to dry.
6. With the S 23, Mediterranean, pour out a nickel size puddle on your pallet. Apply color small areas (appx 3” or less) at a time, brush on, wipe back – do the entire piece, including the bottom. You do not want the S-23 you have applied to dry out before wiping back. Wipe carefully, in a circular motion, “across” the stone design so you leave the dark color in the crevices on the back, and a smoother surface on the front. Once the entire piece is completed, place your cloths away from your area, and put your brush on top of the cloths.
7. Using a Wet one, wipe off all the flower peddles, and the stomach area of the bird. Throw the Wet one in the trash, do not put it down in your work are.
8. Put out 3 drops of S14. With a clean shader or angler, brush color on the leaves, wiping back as you go. Also apply this same color to the upper wings, and upper back of your hummingbird, & wipe back lightly. Set aside your cloth, and lay the brush on top.
9. Place 1 drop of S-31 Fucshia, on your pallet. With a clean shader, brush this on all the flower pedals in the upper left corner, nearest the hummingbird, wiping off as you go. Set cloths aside and lay brush on top.
10. With 3 drops of S22 Magenta, and another clean shader, brush on and wipe off lightly the smaller flowers across the bottom. Being on pearl, this will wipe back quickly. Set aside cloths and lay brush on top.
11. Put out 2 drops of P3, Sunshine. Brush the centers of all flowers in yellow. DO NOT WIPE BACK PEARLS. Wash your pearl brush out after using it.
12. Put out 2 of drops of the S17 Black. With a clean shader or angler, starting at the outside edges of the hummingbird wings and head, paint towards the center, butting up next to the green, (leave the stripe area unpainted) apply this black to both wings and the end of the tail. Lightly pat back, leaving most of the color, just removing the shine. Put cloth aside, and place brush on top.
13. Put out 1 drop of S15 Red. With a very small shader, on the under neck of the hummingbird paint a red stripe, just under the black, coming from the outside, underneath of the head, up to the green area,
14. Take a good look at your piece at this point. If you have any spots that need cleaning up, first the cloth of the color you want to put on and blush as necessary. If needed, use the brush in a Dry-brushing type motion to touch up. DO NOT PICK UP FRESH PAINT. If you pick up fresh paint and take it to your piece, you will only lighten the spot, as fresh color applied, lightens. Check for finger prints and smudges, to remove these, use the appropriate colored cloth, and lightly, in a circular motion, go over the spot. Your brush has dried at the same rate as your piece, so it is safe to use it to touch up with… just NO FRESH PAINT…
15. Once you are happy with your piece, Spray seal with a Gloss Spray (2ND coat where the decal will be placed). Allow to dry well (I suggest overnight).
16. Clean all brushes at this point.
17. NEXT DAY – OR AFTER IT IS DRY WELL… Soak a regular fire on Decal in warm water until it separates. Lift out, and put in place in the desired location on your piece. Use either a damp paper towel, or a Decal Squeegee, (carefully and softly), to get the water out from behind the decal. Allow to dry overnight. Spray with 2 more coats of Gloss spray, drying well between coats. No need to fire these decals on.

CME would like to thank Ruth Ann Jackson for yet another wonderful project for others to enjoy.


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To Mom With Love non-fired Fashenhues

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