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Colorful Quilted Pumpkins - Glazes: Article or Project

Cone 04 bisque ( pumpkin by Creative paradise shown upper right)
Mayco Colors
CG981 Fruity Freckles
CG982 Mixed Melon
CG983 Koi Pond
S2725 Safari

Duncan color
UM950 Bright Gold

Soft bristle brush for glaze
Liner brush for detail
Option: brush on high gloss sealer

More Details

Wipe down bisque with a damp sponge to remove dust and debris from details. Let dry.

Use photo as reference for color placement.

Working with CG981Fruity Freckles crystal glaze, take a soft bristle brush and apply three coats of glaze on every other section of the quilting. Dry thoroughly between coats.

NOTE: Shake the glaze between coats. Remove any large crystals that are too close to the bottom of the piece to prevent their flowing off during firing. While the third coat is drying, you may want to pick out extra chips from the bottle and add them to the pumpkin surface. Keep specks off ropes between Sections.

Apply three coats of CG983 Koi Pond to remaining sections of the quilting. Dry between coats

Apply three coats CG982 Mixed Melon to the leaves. Dry thoroughly between coats

Apply the blue to the buttons

Using small liner brush, outline the leaves and stem with S2725 Safari

Fire to cone 06

With liner brush, apply Ultra Metallic stain to the ropes between quilted sections.

OPTION: in some climates, the Ultra Metallic can rust over time. You may want to apply a coat of High Gloss brush on sealer to help prevent this from happening.

CME would like to thank Tammy Wilking for sharing her project so others might enjoy doing their own. For questions or comments, you may contact Tammy at: email @yahoo, phone 806787-2503. Pumpkin mold by Creative Paradise


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Colorful Quilted Pumpkins - Glazes

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