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Santa with Globe - Two ways : Article or Project

Santa with the globe night light set 3 pieces (see photos, top right of page)
C 104 Base coat
S20 Red Brown
S10 White
S13 Flesh
S-14 Green
S-15 Red
S16 Purple
S-17 Black
S-18 Brown
S-19 Blue
4 Shader brushes (#6 - #2)
3 Shader Brush
Mini Shaders & Detailer
Gold Pilot Pen
Blending Medium
Antiquing Solution
Matt Spray Sealer
Paper Towels
8 Droppers
Foil/paint pallet
Small disposable cups Pallet knife (plastic)
T-shirt or Viva cloths
Small tree kit
Applicator packet
Fashenhues Opal Dazzler or a white very fine glitter, in a salt shaker
Fine Black Sharpie Marker
Stylus Small
Wet Ones
GG1 Gloss Glaze

More Details


A. If you use too much Blending Medium, you will have issues with leaving finger prints in your piece.
B. You can always hold your piece with a paper towel as you are painting it.
C. Any time you use a wet one, ALWAYS dry your hands before touching your piece again.
D. You can clean your hands at any time with a wet one, just be sure to dry your hands before touching your piece.
E. Always discard your wet ones after using them, do not set them down in your work area as there is too much chance of sitting your
piece down on them. If you sit your piece down on a wet one, it will remove your color.
G. Do not pick up fresh color to touch up an area you already did, as it will LIGHTEN your color, not darken them.
H. A very little goes a long way…
I. The brush numbers listed are just a suggestion. Use the brush that fits the area. I recommend flat taklon shaders for the majority of the projects. (of course, the artist recommends Royal Brushes as she a Distributor for them)
J. When testing with Antiquing Solution, use a very thin coat… do not saturate your piece. Spread it out.
K. If you have to put your project down and come back to it later, once you get the S-18 on it, be sure to put it in a plastic bag so the brown does not dry out. DO NOT ANTIQUE SEVERAL PIECES AT ONE TIME, AND LET THEM DRY AS YOU WOULD DO WITH A DRYBRUSHING PROJECT. YOU WANT THE BROWN TO BE ABLE TO MOVE WITH THE COLORS AS YOU APPLY THEM, SO IT MUST NOT BE DONE AHEAD OF TIME.
"PRESS AND ROLL" DO NOT WIPE REDS - You will end up with pink, not red if you wipe back.

Painting directions:

1. Clean & detail greenware Santa - Detail, especially under the legs & down the socks where the seam line is (The pattern does not match
in the mold, so you have to make it match when you are detailing him.) I normally cut out the areas between
the feet of the stool. Some do not, it is entirely up to you. I just think it makes the piece look more finished with
these arch areas cut out.

BASE - Be sure to cut the hole in the center of the base to fit the small tree kit, and a hole in the outer, lower edge of
the base for the cord to come into the globe through.

GLOBE - Cut the windows out in the globe for the light to shine through. Be sure to check the words on the
parchment scroll and on the front of the globe in the water. If any of them are barely showing at this point,
gently re-carve them with your Sgraffito tool. If you want to personalize the list, remove the names that are
there by carefully sanding with the purple side a greenware file, in a rotating motion and gently carve in the
names you want there. If your greenware begins to crumble on the edges of your letters as you carve, dampen
it slightly with a clean, damp orange ceramic sponge (press down carefully with medium pressure, and lift) and
then resume your carving.

After carving, carefully and very lightly go over the entire parchment with the white side of your greenware file,
in a circular motion to smooth out any sharp areas. Dust off with the brush end of your sgrafito tool.

1. Fire to 03-04. (Be sure to place the globe on base to fire so it fits when you complete it. )

2. Pour some C-104 into a small disposable cup. Using a #1 shader, basecoat entire piece; dry and repeat.

3. Pour a small amount of antiquing solution in a different small disposable cup, with another
shader load brush and brush the entire piece, reloading as needed. Any uncovered areas will darken. As you come across any uncoated places, dry with a paper towel and touch up with more C-104. Dry and repeat until there are no spots uncovered.

4. Clean all brushes at this point and remove water bowls from the table; shape bristles, and lay flat to dry.

5. Pour or dip out, just over two quarter size puddles of S-15 Red on your pallet – set aside for future use.

6. Start with the globe base. Pour some S-18 into a third small disposable cup, this one will need a lid. With one of the shaders, using the S-18, brush on small areas (appx 3�), and wipe back with your soft cloths/Viva squares – do the entire base. Be sure to do areas appx 3� sq or smaller as you work – you do not want the S-18 you have applied to dry out before wiping back. Once you finish the brown application on the base, it is completed ready to spray. Spray it now so it can be completely dry, ready to install the light kit when we get to that step.

7. Next, go to the Globe - With this same shader, still using S 18 from the cup, brush on small areas (appx 3"), and wipe back with your soft cloths/Viva squares" do the entire globe. Be sure to do areas appx 3" sq or smaller as you work - you do not want the S-18 you have applied to dry out before wiping back. When this portion is completed, place your cloths away from your area, and put your brush on top of the cloths. Put your lid on your S-18 cup and set aside for future use.

8. Using a wet one, wipe the tops of all the buildings where the snow is, the bricks on the buildings, the snow on the ground, and the entire parchment scroll on the word side of the globe. As you wipe the parchment scroll where the wording is, wipe lightly over the words, rotating your wet one, leaving the words showing. This parchment scroll should not be wiped back to as light a color as the snow. DISCARD YOUR WET ONE, DO NOT SET IT DOWN IN YOUR WORK AREA! PUT IT IN THE TRASH CAN AND DRY YOUR HANDS.

9. Pour or dip out, just under a nickel size puddle S-19 Blue, on your pallet. Brush on and wipe off - small areas at a time until all the water on the entire globe is blue - front and back. After completing this step, set the cloths aside and place your brush on top.

10. Using a dropper, place 4 drops of S-14 Green on your pallet, brush on and wipe off - small areas covering all the land on the globe, front and back. Wiping back with your cloths as you go. Next, brush the green on all of the trees - DO NOT WIPE BACK! after applying to all of the trees, wrap your cloth around your finger, carefully & lightly, press & roll your finger over each tree, rotating your cloth, using a clean spot on each tree, as you go. Your goal is to remove the shine, not the color. After completing this step, set the cloths aside and place your brush on top. With a new wet one, gently wipe the tops of any trees that should have snow on them. DISCARD YOUR WET ONE, DO NOT SET IT DOWN IN YOUR WORK AREA! PUT IT IN THE TRASH CAN AND DRY YOUR HANDS.

11. With a clean dropper, drop out 2 drops of S-20, Red-Brown, on your pallet. Brush this on the roofs of the three shorter houses and the pathway in the snow "wipe off" front and back. (NOTE: If you want a different color of roof on your houses, use that color in this step, instead of the S-20) After completing this step, set the cloths aside and place your brush on top. Remove any that may have gotten on the snow or bricks with a Q-Tip moistened with a wet one (To Moisten Q-Tip - Wrap a wet one around the tip of a Q-Tip and gently squeeze, moving the moisture from the wet one to the Q-Tip)- BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH YOUR PIECE WHILE YOU HANDS ARE STILL WET OR DAMP FROM THE WET ONE. DISCARD YOUR WET ONE, DO NOT SET IT DOWN IN YOUR WORK AREA! PUT IT IN THE TRASH CAN AND DRY YOUR HANDS. Also Discard Q-Tips when you finish this step.

12. With another dropper, place 2 drops of S-10 White on your tile. Using another clean shader, brush this on the snow on the ground and on the snow on the roof tops, wipe back lightly as you want to leave a lot of white there. You can use the press, roll method if you want even more white. After completing this step, set the cloths aside and place your brush on top.

13. Take a look at your globe to be sure there are no colors where you do not want them, and that there are not any finger prints. Clean up as needed. Set aside to spray, or, spray now, as the globe is completed, ready to spray.

14. Now is time to begin on your Santa.

15. With the larger shader brush that you used earlier and your S-18 (add more if necessary) begin to brush on and wipe off, the Santa's skin, clothing and his stool, doing small areas at a time until he is completely brown. AVOID HIS HAIR AND BEARD as much as possible! Set your cloths aside, with the other brown cloths, and lay your brush on top of them. If you have any S-18 left in your cup, replace the lid.

16. With a dropper place 4 drops of S-9 Gray on your pallet. To this Gray, add one drop of Blending Medium. Blend these together with your brush - be careful not to get more than 1 drop in this mixture. Brush this on his beard and hair, including his facial hair - wipe back with a soft cloth. Picking up a clean wet one, wipe back the tops Santa's beard, and hair, (including his facial hair). [If you prefer a more antique looking hair, you can do the hair with brown and wipe it back, as instructed here for the gray. ] Set aside your cloths and lay your brush on top. BE SURE TO DISCARD THE WET ONE, DO NOT SET IT ON THE TABLE, PUT IT IN THE TRASH CAN AND DRY YOUR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING YOUR PIECE.

17. Using a new dropper, place 3 drops of S-13 on your pallet. Add 1 small drop of Blending Medium to this color. Blend these together with your small shader. Apply this to Santa's skin - hands, face, and head. Also to the lens of his glasses. Brush on, wipe back.. Lay your cloths aside, and lay your brush on top. If you got any flesh on the hair, remove it at this time with a dampened Q-tip (either dampened with a wet one, or with saliva). If you used a wet one, PUT IT IN THE TRASH AND PUT YOUR DAMPENED Q-TIP IN THE TRASH AS WELL.

18. Next, take the blue dropper you used with the S-19 on your globe, and put two one drop of blue on your pallet. With a small shader, brush the color on the ice pack in Santa's left hand. Brush on, wipe back. lay your cloths aside and lay your brush on top.

19. Now, get the S-15, Red that you poured out in step # 5. With a medium size shader and this red, apply color to Santa's entire long john outfit. DO NOT WIPE BACK. Apply color to the entire outfit, brushing it all over top and bottom. Once you have this entire outfit covered, set your brush aside, and pick up a soft cloth. Gently lay the cloth on the red color- softly press, and pat the red, just to remove the shine to the red, not to disturb the color. DO NOT WIPE. IF YOU WIPE, YOU WILL HAVE A PINK OUTFIT. If you forgot to read, and wiped back your red as you applied the color, you may VERY CAREFULLY repeat the instructions for the red above. Remember not to wipe back as color erases color, and if you wipe back again at this point, you will get a lighter pink, not a darker red, as with most products. Set your cloths aside, put the brush on top.

20. With a dampened Q-Tip, clear most of the red off of the suspenders. TRASH THE Q-TIPS.

21. Now you will need to hold your Santa by the stool, or either of his unpainted feet until you get the socks painted.

22. Begin with a clean Q-tip, dampened with a wet one - start on the left foot - Counting the toe as #1 - leave the toe and the next band alone, wipe back the next band, we will count that as #3, Skip 2 bands (#4 & 5) wipe back #6, and the heel - skip the next two (#7 & 8) wipe back #9, skip the next two, and wipe back #10. On his right foot, the mold pattern is not the same, but, starting with #1 as the toe, repeat the process above. It is not shown in these pictures, but I believe, if memory serves me correctly, the heel on the right one will be green. Continue on with the skipping two and wiping back one, completing his socks. DISCARD ALL OF THE DAMPENED Q-TIPS THAT YOU USED. PUT THEM IN THE TRASH CAN.

23. Picking up another mini shader, and the S-14 green that you used on the globe (put out a couple more drops if you need to) starting at the toe of the socks, apply the green to the toe, then to every stripe, just above the white one. Wipe back lightly with Q-tips. Repeat with other sock. Next, brush color on the suspenders, front and back, wipe back carefully, lightly with Q-tips.

24. Using another mini shader, starting on the remaining stripes on the socks, one foot at a time, fill in with red… do not wipe back… repeat with other sock. At this point, with the tip of your mini shader, apply red to Santa's lips. Once both socks are complete, pick up your clean Q-tips and gently roll the cotton area over the red, just to remove the color - do not wipe... do this on both socks and his lips.

25. Taking one of these Q-tips, with just a touch of red on it, go to Santa's cheeks and very carefully blush his cheeks and a tiny bit on the end of his nose. (you do not want him to look like a painted lady or clown) Using a clean Q-tip, softly blend this color on his cheeks like blush= be sure to put some on his glasses so it looks like you are seeing it through his lens. You can also touch the knuckles on his hands lightly. Just a very tiny bit of color - you only want a hint of color here. If you happen to get too much, take a clean Q-tip and the flesh brush - lightly apply some flesh to the Q-tip and go back to your piece and apply the flesh lightly, like a powder puff, in any area that has too much red.

26. Put out a few drops of S-10 White. Using another mini shader, and this white, dip in the white, pat back on your pallet, and holding the brush sideways, apply this white in a wet brushing motion, just to the tops of the ridges on the socks. Do both socks.

27. Take a good look at your Santa's hair, beard, and facial hair.¦ If you are satisfied with the color, go onto the next step. If you want his hair a bit whiter, repeat the same process on his hair as you did with his socks, but you will be laying the brush bristles flat, instead of using it on the side.

28. Once you get Santa;s hair like you want it, take a dropper and your S-16 purple and put one drop on your pallet. Take a good look at the right side of Santa's face, between his eye and where his ear would be if you could see it, and locate the feather pen that he has there. Using another mini shader, dip in the purple and brush on the entire feather. Wipe back with a Q-tip. Set brush aside.

29. Picking up your stylus, using the larger end, dip in the white S-10 again, and color the full inside of both of Santa's eyes with the white.

30. Wipe the tip of the stylus off, using the same end of the stylus, dip in the S-19 blue, and place a dot of blue in his eye for his pupil. Repeat for the other eye.

31. Put out a drop of S-17 black on your pallet. With the tiny tip of a mini liner brush dip in this black, and wipe back on your pallet, pulling the brush to a fine tip. Very carefully, using only the very tip of your brush, carefully (keeping the ballerina on its toes - do not press down with this brush) barely touching his eye lid, starting closer to his nose, draw your very thin outline, out to the underside/outer edge of Santa's upper eye lid. AGAIN - JUST BARELY TOUCHING THE TIP OF THE BRUSH TO THE UNDERSIDE/OUTER EDGE OF HIS UPPER EYELID! Repeat with the other eye, picking up more color, and pulling the brush to a point again. Go back to the paint a third time, dip the tip in, pull back to a point again, begin just to the very edge of the blue eye ball, (right eye) nearer the nose, and repeat the application of a very tiny line, going out to the outer edge of his right eye. Do the same thing on the left eye, again pulling from just past the blue iris, (the nose area), to the outer edge of his eye.

32. Take the stylus again, using the smallest end, dip in the black, and place a pupil in the center of your Santa's left eye. Repeat on the right side, going back into the paint first, then back to the eye.

33. Wipe off the tip of your stylus. Go to the white, barely touch the white with the tip, go to Santa's left eye, in the 1:00 position, put a very tiny 'Comma' dot, pull down and inward to create this highlight in his eye. Repeat, going back to the white, barely touching it with the stylus, again, in the 1:00 position of his right eye, dot, and pull downward toward the pupil. Highlights should match, or be pretty close.

34. At this point, take a good look at your Santa - see if there are any areas you need to touch up, or if there are any finger prints where they should not be. (make any adjustments, first with the cloth of the color you need to correct, then if that does not do the trick, use the brush you had set aside - use in a drybrushing type stroke as needed. DO NOT GO BACK INTO FRESH PAINT AS THIS WILL LIGHTEN YOUR PIECE, ONLY IN THAT SPOT. Use the cloths or brush that has dried the same speed as your piece.

35. Once you are satisfied with him, he is ready to spray. Spray with Fashenhues Matt Sealer in a well-ventilated area. . Allow to dry completely.

36. Using a Pilot Pen - Gold, and a stylus, puddle some of the gold on your pallet, then dip the stylus tip in, touch the stars on the suspenders, repeat for each star - front and back. With a mini detail brush, and some puddled gold, very carefully paint in the gold rims on Santa's glasses, and do the tip of the Feather pin (just below his mustache) - not painted in on the picture. I missed that. With your Mini shader, paint in the center piece on the back of the suspenders, the buttons on the front of his suspenders and the cap of the Ice Pack. Allow to dry well.

37. Place 4 drops of the GG1 Gloss Glaze sealer on your paint pallet. With a clean tiny detailer, pick up some gloss and paint carefully over Santa's eyes and lips. Also paint over the buttons on his suspenders, and the lens in his glasses; and optional, also do the glasses rims and the cap on the ice pack.

38. Using a shader brush, and this Gloss Glaze you have on your pallet, load the shader, and picking up your globe, on the snow side, brush this gloss over the snow on the ground - sprinkle lightly the Fashenhues Opal Dazzler over the gloss. Apply this gloss to the snow on the trees and on the roof tops, again, sprinkle the dazzler over the glitter.

39. Set Santa and Globe pieces aside to allow to dry well.

40. Pick up your base, and the small tree kit and install the tree kit in the base, run through the hole in the lower outside of the base, then up through the center hole before installing the light kit.

41. Clean up brushes & pallet, and discard cloths at this point. Your Santa is complete.

42. Don't forget to sign him. You can do this with a fine Sharpie Marker.

You can paint his socks all one color instead of doing the stripes if you so choose.

Do step 1 - fire to a cone +6.
Skip steps 2 - 4
Remaining steps are the same - you just have to be a bit more careful handling your pieces as the stain will come off the piece easier on the porcelain than the ceramic surface because porcelain is non-porus. Some people like to spray between colors, but I find that spraying does affect the final colors as this does not allow the colors to blend as they should if they are sealed with the spray.

CME wishes to thank Ruth Ann Jackson Perkins for providing instructions on how to finish this Beautiful Santa. Ruth Ann is distributor for Fashenhues


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