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Simple Beauty - A Glazed Red Rose: Article or Project

Suitable Bisqueware (click on photo for larger view)**
Duncan Envisions Glazes:
Assorted soft bristle brushes

** If you have a plain vase,you can add rose detail by A) carving design into greenware then fire, or B) trace design onto bisqueware

More Details

NOTE: When painting glazes next to each other, it is important to butt the first coat next to the adjoining color, but use care to not overlap. Additional coats, work better and do not flow into each other if you stay back a tiny bit (like the width of a pencil line).

1. Using a damp soft bristled brush, apply three coats of Cherry Red on the background – making sure to dry thoroughly between coats.

2. Using a suitable size damp soft bristled brush, apply two coats of Neon Red to the flower (or design area). Make sure you allow to dry thoroughly between each coat.

3. Using a suitable size, damp soft bristled brush, apply two flowing coats of Bottle Green to the stem. Again, be sure to allow to dry thoroughly between coats.

4. After thoroughly dry, stilt and fire to cone 06.

CME wants to thank Mitch Allton for sharing his beautiful project.


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