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Tri-Color Metalic Cross - Non-fire : Article or Project

Suitable bisque (shown: Ceramichrome #1968)
Black acrylic Stain (i.e. Doc Holliday DH08)
Doc Holliday Finger Tip Metallics (FT-2 Gold, FT-1 Silver and FT-5 Copper)
Soft, lint free cloth

More Details

1) Using a stiff bristle brush, basecoat your cross with Black acrylic stain. Tip: wet your brush first and blot out water before applying paint. Rinse brush, again blotting frequently during application. Work the color into the detailing and then smooth it out. Do not let the paint build up in the crevices.
2) Allow project to dry completely before the application of the metallics.
3) Using the photo at the top of the page as a reference, apply the metallics with your finger. To do this, gently press your finger in the color and rub it in a crosswise motion across the details you want to highlight. Add multiple coats to get the intensity you desire rather than applying too much at one time. IF YOU HAVE TOO MUCH color, you will wipe it over areas you don’t want it in the next step, so do not use too much. You can also add more than one color to a detail creating a blending effect.
4) Using a clean soft, lint free cloth, gently rub down the details giving them a polish. TIP: wrap the cloth around your finger to ‘buff or polish’ the details. That way you can see if there is too much application and you can carefully lift it away and not smear it into areas you don’t want it.
5) Finger Tip colors do not need to be sprayed with a fixative, but if you choose to, make it a LIGHT application of gloss spray… matte will dull the metallic finish.

CME wants to thank Dina Jensen for her contribution of this beautiful project to share for the pleasure of ceramics enthusiasts. Bisque is available from Dina, you may contact her at: Please let her know you saw this project on CME


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Tri-Color Metalic Cross - Non-fire

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