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Stir Crazy Geeko - Marbleizing with underglazes: Article or Project

Suitable cone 04 bisque
Small sample cups (size depends on chosen project)
One larger cup
Stir stick
Drop cloth or paper
Pie baking dish/pan
Optional soft bristle brush

Mayco Stroke n Coats (your choices)
Colors used
Black SC015
Yellow SC006
Pink SC001
Blue SCO31

More Details

NOTE: Stroke n Coats when mixed can create other colors. In this technique, the blue and yellow when blended, created the green and so forth. Keep this in mind when choosing your colors
Also, Amount you will need will depend on size of your project. A little goes a long way. You may want to use some small (broken) pieces to test.
Step 1. Wipe your bisque with a damp sponge and allow to dry
Step 2. Pour small amount of color into cups – one color per cup.
Step 3. Add small amount of water and stir til well mixed and somewhat thin…like cream. Color should move easily when poured
Step 4. Layer all colors in a larger cup and using a stir stick or brush handle, give a gentle stir to swirl the colors together.. you will see them as still separate colors not blended.
Step 5. *Hold your item over the pie plate (to catch drips with the bottom up. Slowly drizzle color all over, making sure to cover entire area. Hold, or set upside down to dry. NOTE: If you do not want to marbleize the bottom, paint 2 or three coats of your choice of Stroke n Coat color on the bottom, let it dry, then proceed to step 6
Step 6. Repeat step 5 with the top up and drizzle color over surface.
Step 7. When thoroughly dry, fire stilted to cone 06

CMEZ would like to thank Lori Frevold-Crawford for sharing her Geeko project for others to enjoy.

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Stir Crazy Geeko - Marbleizing with underglazes

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