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Witch on Moon Light - Non-fire stains: Article or Project

Suitable Bisque prepared for light if desired (see note below - shown molds by Nowell's)

Duncan Acrylics
OS # 472 Walnut
OS # 471 Medium Brown
OS # 476 Black
OS # 567 Ash Grey
OS # 431 White
OS # 443 Native Flesh
OS # 433 Pale Yellow
OS # 491 Goldenrod
OS # 439 Hot Orange
OS # 564 Pansy
OS # 466 Avacado
OS # 513 Sweet Honey ( discontinued ) may substitute with OS #485 French Vanilla
NT # 037 Ginger Rose ( discontinued ) NT stands for" Natural Touch" Acrylics, Substitue with OS443 and small amounts of OS440 and OS449 create a color that is not too orange and not too red

Assorted white stiff bristle brushes for drybrushing

More Details

Prepare your bisque by wiping down with a damp sponge to remove any dust, dry thoroughly.

Paint face and hands of witch with Native Flesh. Work paint into crevices and smooth out. Avoid build up or streaking of color.

Float color into face crevices. Dip a brush in water and blot out excess, pick up a small amount of Medium Brown and float the color into the crevices/wrinkles of the face and hands to give dimension.

Float a small amount of Walnut brown between eye lids and between lips. To float color, dip a brush into water and blot excess. Tip wet brush into color and run along the detail line. Not too much water or color will run or drip. Let area dry.

Dry-brush lips with NT037 (or substitute mixture)

Base-coat hair with Walnut. Using a dry white stiff bristle brush, dry-brush hair with Ash Grey. Add a little white to the brush, mixing it in and dry-brush highlights to hair.

Base-coat Broomstick with Medium Brown, dry-brush highlights with Med. Brown mixed with small amount of white.

Base-coat Broom Bristles with Walnut, dry-brush with Goldenrod then Pale Yellow.

Base-coat the Witches Hat, Dress and Boots with Black. Dry-brush lightly with Pansy to desired brightness making sure to leave the crevices black.

Dry-brush scarf with Hot Orange. Paint Band around Hat with Hot Orange.

Base coat the entire Moon with Sweet Honey. Lightly dry-brush with White to bring out the detail of the Moons face and craters.

For base, base-coat with walnut and when dry, dry-brush with Avacado,

Let the piece dry. Spray or brush with Matte Sealer.

NOTE: The Witch Moon shown in photo (top right of page) is a Light-up. While in the Greenware stage, drill holes in some of the craters. The Moon sits on an oval, wood look base with a snap-in light. The hole for the light has to be off center, so the wider part of the Moons pour hole sits over the light bulb more centered. If doing the Base, base coat with Walnut drybrush with OS # 466 Avocado. The oval wood base is from Nowell's, Mold # 1816 there are 2 Bases in the Mold.

CME would like to thank Rose Thorn for providing her technique/project to share with others. You may contact Rose for any questions/comments.


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Witch on Moon Light - Non-fire stains

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